Ferndale Flat, Shropshire Self Catering

Photo Gallery

Many thanks to our visitors who have contributed photos for this page.

Red sky at night; shepherds delight – David Trelfer 2015

Red sky at night; shepherd’s delight – David Trelfer; 2015

Blackthorn Blossom in April Ferndale: mist in the Corve valley

The woods at Ferndale: blackthorn blossom in April(MCB) Ferndale Scenes: early morning mist in the Corve valley (Photo by Nick Foster)

Shipton Snowdrops

Snowdrops in Shipton churchyard: February 2011(Mike Brogden)

View through telescope

Taken through a telescope by Ben van Weede; April 2012

Ferndale wildflower bank Plantains with ox-eye daisies and buttercups

Wild flowers alongside the Ferndale driveway (Mike Brogden)

Ferndale Woods

Ferndale's woods (Photo by Nick Foster; August 2012)

Squirrel eats bird food

A squirrel-proof wild bird feeder? (Photo by Nick Foster; August 2012)

Speckeldy hens Ferndale cowslips

Young Speckeldy hens make themselves at home (MCB) Cowslips at Ferndale 2011 (Mike Brogden)

Ferndale bluebells

Bluebells at Ferndale 2011 (Mike Brogden)

Chick hatched on 28 May 2011

Chick hatched on 28 May 2011 (Mike Brogden)

Ferndale: view from the seat

Ferndale Scenes: mist at sunrise in the Corvedale 2010 (Photo by Nick Foster)

Ferndale: August sunrise The Long Mynd

Ferndale Scenes: August sunrise 2010 (Photo by Nick Foster)The Long Mynd, Church Stretton 2010 (Photo by Nick Foster)

Long Mynd heather

Heather on the Long Mynd; August 2012 (Photo by Nick Foster)

Waterfall on the Long Mynd

Light Spout Waterfall on the Long Mynd; August 2012 (Photo by Nick Foster)

Ferndale: rainbow over Corvedale

Ferndale Scenes: rainbow over the Corvedale. (Mike Brogden)

Ferndale Flat: roof construction

Ferndale Flat: roof construction (Mike Brogden)

Please click here for more information on the building project

Shipton Snowdrops

Snowdrops in the Shipton Churchyard

Frosty View Hoar Frost at Ferndale

Ferndale Scenes: frost and snow in the valley (Mike Brogden December 2010)

Pigeon Chicks

Two wood pigeon chicks were hatched in the holly just outside the staircase window in June 2011. (Photo by Nicola Dorrall)

Stripey the Cockerell

The little white chick of 28 May (see above) grew into a very handsome cockerel but is now in the great chicken run in the sky (Oct 2011 photo by Elizabeth Hatchell)

View 2 from Ludlow Church Tower View from Ludlow Church Tower

Views from Ludlow Church Tower 2011 (Photos by Nick Foster)

View towards the Flat Ludlow Castle

View from the Shropshire Way: Ferndale Flat in the distance Ludlow Castle and Dinham Bridge from Whitcliffe (Photos by Julie Matthews; 2012)

Stokesay Castle

Stokesay Castle (Photo by Julie Matthews; 2012)

Stokesay Castle Gatehouse

Stokesay Castle Gatehouse (Photo by Julie Matthews; 2012)

Ludlow from Whitcliffe

Ludlow from Whitcliffe (Mike Brogden 2012)

Hedge Laying

Some of Shropshire's best hedge-laying (Wendy Brogden 2014)

Red Kite

Red kite photographed at the Forestry Commission Wildlife Centre, near Aberystwith by Jeff Jones (2014)

Ferndale Flat

The Ferndale Flat (Colingridge Family 2014)

Pink Chestnut

Pink Chestnut in the Ferndale Woods (Andrew Davies 2013)