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The Ferndale Holiday Flat

Green Tourism

There is a welcome increase in awareness of “green” issues – how to reduce the damage caused by fossil fuels, for example – and we are doing our best to be a environmentally-friendly as possible. 

Our strengths include:

  • the timber construction of the building
  • low energy lighting
  • water flow restrictors on the taps and shower
  • dual-flush loo
  • re-use of rainwater
  • restrictors on water flow from taps
  • recycling encouraged via readily available bins
  • organic waste is composted
  • high levels of insulation, including low-loss glazing
  • solar water heating
  • solar electricity generation
  • good controls on the heating
  • mains electricity from a 100% renewable supplier
  • eco-friendly cleaning products
  • the promotion of local suppliers
  • welcome pack includes local butter, bread from a local baker,, local soaps and locally made marmalade
  • use of fairtrade products, eg tea and coffee
  • re-use of some second-hand furniture and white goods
  • seeking feedback from guests on our eco-friendly policies
  • a charge point for electric cars has been installed

Things to do to improve include:

  • monitor energy consumption more closely
  • set up a process for off-setting the impact of guests’ travel
  • replace more CF bulbs with LEDs
  • set targets for more recycling and less non-recyclable rubbish
  • encourage local suppliers of, for example, ready meals to use recyclable containers
  • encourage more use of public transport (but there’s only one bus per fortnight!)
  • increase the range of recyclable and fairtrade products
  • continue to promote local suppliers (eg so guests bring fewer goods from their home supermarkets)

Your comments?

Please send us your views, comments and suggestions on our promotion of green tourism: mike@brogden.info

To see our Green Policy click here

Mike and Wendy Brogden
Updated: August 2017

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